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Petly , Your Personal Pet Page

If you are already an existing client, or if you are a new one, please give us your current email address.  You will receive your FREE email registration within 24 hours for your pets personal Petly Page.  Your email will only be used for internal purposes to communicate about your pet or to receive the latest information in our newsletters.

Top 11 Benefits to Activating Your Personal Petly Pet Page :


1.     You can personalize the homepage by uploading a picture of your pet.

2.     Receive information on past and future appointments in one secure location.

3.     Pet owners will be able to view articles from Pet Health Network  on any pet topic.  Articles are written, reviewed and updated by veterinary experts.

4.     Link to our Facebook Page – where we update on everything from Promo’s in hospital, pet food recalls, updates about pet health topics you might find interesting, Safe & Sound Albums of animals for adoption.

5.     You can submit electronically a request for an appointment, or prescription refill.  

6.     You can confirm an appointment reminder.

7.     You can view what treatments your pet is coming  up due for.  You can print your pets vaccine history.

8.     You can view a reminder tab ( top of the page) of any up coming appointments that are booked.

9.     You can view lab results shared by DVM online.

10.  Owners can update address changes easily online.

11. Receive a thank you email after your pets office visit and have a chance to answer a short survey to let us know how we did.   We care what you think.