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Health Care Packages

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"Everything your pet needs for the year has been put into an affordable package here at Animal Hospital of Cambridge.   Let us make your pets health care simple, complete and affordable. "    

Dr. Kathy


Puppy & Kittens:

Welcome to Animal Hospital of Cambridge.  What an exciting time for you and your family. Adopting, rescuing or purchasing a new pet is such a wonderful thing. We want to do everything we can to facilitate the transition for both you and your new puppy or kitten.

At Animal Hospital of Cambridge,  we highly recommend bringing in your new baby for a post purchase exam to make sure they are healthy and strong.  To make the first year easier -  We have put together health care packages that include everything from vaccines, deworming, spaying/neutering to parasite testing, microchipping and more.   We have divided the cost for all these things into 12 smaller affordable monthly payments.   To ensure you never have to worry - our premium packages include 12 FREE examinations*, 12 FREE nail trims and a 30 day FREE Insurance Trial by Trupanion.  Proper nutrition is very important for your growing puppy or kitten.  Animal Hospital of Cambridge will provide your pet with their first small bag of Royal Canin Development puppy or kitten food + 2 cans is absolutely FREE.   *(12 exams are free in premium pkg  / medication & diagnostics at additional cost) 



Adult Dog Health Care Packages: 

NEW this Spring 2017  

We have launched health care plans for adult dogs, allowing pet owners to budget preventive health care needs into 12 smaller monthly payments.

2 Plans are Available  :  Basic & Premium

The Basic plan is under $40 per month and the premium is under $70 per month including taxes.

Each plan incorporates your dogs:

Annual vaccines (Da2ppL/ Rabies)

Heartworm/Lyme + Blood work ( CBC+ Organ function testing)

Fecal testing (for intestinal parasite screening)

1 small bag of Dental diet and 1 can of Urinary diet.  

* The premium plan also includes a scale and polish of your dogs teeth.


Members also receive extra benefits like;

Free nail trims (quantity depends on the package you choose)

Some free examinations (savings of $90.80 per exam)(quantity depends on the package you choose)

 5% loyalty discount on food purchases

 5% loyalty discount on your pets flea/tick/heartworm preventive medication packages.   


For more details, stop by the clinic and pick up one of our flyers.  

 Join in on the savings and extra perks !


Feel comforted knowing you will be seen by one of our Veterinarian's the
very same day you call for an appointment.


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What Happens During This Exam?

During this exam, you will find out right away if the puppy/kitten has any serious health problems. A post purchase exam involves a thorough check for things like heart murmurs, luxating patellas, open fontonelles, inguinal hernias, and many other things. It affords an opportunity to find out if there are any problems before everyone falls in love.

This exam doesn't necessarily mean that, if something is found, the only choice will be to exchange the puppy/kiiten or return it. Rather, it is a great ‘heads up,’ an opportunity to decide whether you would like to keep the puppy/kitten and just be informed, or whether the problem is beyond your capacity to manage. We can facilitate communication with the breeder for you if the choice is a return.

Most breeders and pet stores have their animals examined by a veterinarian before you pick them up, but it is still a great idea to have a post purchase exam. At our hospital, these exams are discounted to further encourage every new pet owner to get one.


Post purchase exams also allow us to start your new addition on the road to good health! We will check for parasites, fleas, lice, and ear mites, and if anything is found we can start treatment before you even get her home.

If at all possible, we ask everyone to bring us a little poop sample so we can do a microscopic exam to identify any parasites the puppy or kitten may have internally. Roundworms are common and we find them in about 95% of puppies. They are also a public health concern for you and your family, but easily treatable!

 During your post purchase exam one of our knowledgeable nurses will discuss training, tips on socialization, and how to trim your puppy's nails safely. They will also make a nutritional recommendation for your puppy or kitten.

We will set up your pet in our computer system so we will be able to remind you to bring her in for any additional required care like vaccinations, tests, or further deworming as she grows.  We will keep you on track to provide your new puppy or kitten with the best possible protection against disease and illnesses.    We'll also discuss spay / neutering and pet insurance, and a whole list of other important things you need to know!   We will send you home with a folder of useful information and sign your pet up for a free 30 day trial of pet insurance.   And finally, please ask for  a tour of our modernized hospital, so you can meet the trained staff that will be caring of your pet and to see for yourself where and how that care takes place.

If you're bringing home a new puppy, kitten or recently rescued adult pet just give us a call!   You can book an appointment by calling 519-624-9760   or through our Facebook Page.   We are open 7 days a week until 10 PM and offer same day appointments.  We can’t wait to meet your new addition !