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The Safe & Sound Project - Veterinarian's Giving Back

Thanks for taking the time to get to know a little more about us.
We hope you will join us on this journey, finding our rescues newfound love in their forever homes.  We find it so rewarding to know that they will all be able to learn and enjoy doing the things that they were meant to do.  

We are a small, locally registered not-for-profit group who believes adoptable animals should not be euthanized when they are ill, injured, orphaned, born with a deformity, retired from a breeding situation, or abandoned, but rather given a second chance.  We take in animals from a variety of situations such as; medical case surrenders from other hospitals, emergency clinics, overwhelmed owners, and breeders.  

Many cats and orphaned kittens find their way to the Safe & Sound Rescue in hopes of finding a forever home.
 Remi is just one example of a dog who came to us with a congenital deformity.  In his case it was one of his front legs.  He underwent surgery to amputate the leg and he now gets around perfectly on his other 3 legs.  He is doing amazing in his forever home.  It warms our hearts to see how well he is doing 
every time he comes in.

From time to time we accept retired breeding mothers whom we will spay and find them loving forever homes.  On occasion ultrasound reveals the mom is actually pregnant.  We provide a safe environment until the litter is born and weaned, then find responsible loving homes for everyone.

Sometimes we receive calls where an orphan needs help because the mom was disinterested, or the puppy/kitten is just not thriving.  Many sleepless nights are spent by Dr. Kathy & support staff bottle feeding and nurturing them until they are ready for their new forever homes.

We Are Proud of What We Do To Help The Pets In Our Rescue

 We are a no judgement zone which means various kinds of people bring us dogs, cats or kittens & puppies.  Sometimes they are house-trained and extremely well socialized; sometimes they are timid, even fearful and have never seen a leash, stairs, or know what grass is . We spend a lot of time cultivating trust with these rescues and we love it when we see how far they come. Whether it’s something as small as making eye contact, or going the whole way to let us pet and cuddle with them, we are always proud of what we do to help these animals.  

We will always do what we can to help as many dogs & cats as possible. We have become very well known for the work that we do. When we get too full – we often work with our local humane societies & we will spay, neuter and repair dogs, and send them to the groups we trust.

We don’t do any major fundraisers.  The practice owners donate their facility, their staff time and professional fees to help with the cause.  

Safe & Sound Project is in our 18th year and to date we have saved over 4000 pets.  We have so many loyal supporters and people who love what we do, and we are proud to say the word is spreading and there are now several other hospitals using similar models to save other pets.  

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