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At Animal Hospital of Cambridge, your pet's anesthetic safety and comfort during their stay, is one of our main concerns.     

It is important to tailor each pet's individual anesthetic protocol to their specific risk factors. Our trained veterinary technicians closely monitor the vital signs of all pets that are in the hospital for surgical procedures, and when a patient in anesthetized, a nurse is assigned to their case.

They then use medical equipment such as apAlert respiratory monitors & Pulse Oximeters to measure heart rate, blood oxygen, and blood pressure, and Doppler monitors to hear your pet's heartbeat and rhythm during surgery.

Your pet is never left alone while under anesthesia. We use only current protocols and the safest of anesthetic drugs. We also have recovery nurses so when your pet comes out of anesthesia they are comforted and reassured that they are safe.

Your pet will have a Registered Veterinary Technician to monitor them if they are in after a surgery or for hospitalization due to an illness. We feel it provides better care for your pet and gives you peace of mind knowing someone is there with them the entire time.   Should any of our overnight patients require veterinary assistance, one of our doctors will come in to check on them through the night. (Only if need be, extremely critical patients may be transferred to EVC by pet parent for overnight care).    Having a Registered Technician in means no missed antibiotics or pain medication.  Owners can call in for advise or an update on their pet any time until our closing time.