At Animal Hospital of Cambridge we strongly believe pet insurance is important and  can mean being able to afford treatment costs, especially in the case of an emergency...  
There are a wide variety of companies out do you choose the right one??? 

How do you know which plan is best for you and your pet???
How does it work?
What do they cover?
What would be excluded?


While there are lots of equally good pet insurance companies, there are two companies that a lot of our clients choose to use.  Many of these clients are glad they enrolled because you never know what health issues you may run into during the lifetime of your pet.   It's worth a consideration... you can visit their websites for more information and free quotes.  You can call their 1 -800 numbers and speak to a representative who can explain the in's and out's of how their individual companies work.

A complementary voucher of insurance is available for either of these companies through your veterinarian at Animal Hospital of Cambridge.   Make sure to ask us for one.   This short term of insurance is a trail.  Close to expiry, you will be contacted to see if you have any questions so that you can be well informed in making a decision for your pet.  If you choose to enroll - they can guide you every step of the way.    Having a policy in place can sometimes mean life or death.

( length of trial may vary, certain age restrictions may apply)

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For a review of all the various pet insurance companies click on the icon below

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