We offer a fully licensed house call service with an experienced, compassionate team of professionals for when it's time to say goodbye. Your pet may feel less stressed in the comfort of their own home.

For people who prefer this option, we can easily come to you and take care of all the important details.    We will administer peaceful sedation to relax your pet.     An IV catheter will be placed so that when you are ready, the injection will be given to help your pet pass peacefully.

This is a final act of kindness we can offer to our friends, and we believe wholeheartedly this procedure should be done with dignity and expertise.

Included Services:

  • Compassionate sedation to reduce stress 
  • IV catheter for direct access
  • With your permission the Veterinarian will administer the injection that allows your pet to pass peacefully and with dignity
  • When you are ready we will look after your pet and your final wishes
  • Your pets ashes will be returned to you in a rainbow bridge scatter urn within 7 days

  • Clay paw prints and other special memento's are available through Pets Above Crematorium

Dealing with the loss of a pet resources: 


ONTARIO VETERINARY COLLEGE PET LOSS SUPPORT    Phone: (519) 842-4120 ext 53694   -  website

Chapters  -   Purchase Books to Help with Loss of Pet  -   website