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Ticks Are Active at 4 Degrees Celsius

Posted on Apr 13, 2018

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If your dog is active in the spring, summer fall and winter and you like to enjoy off leash walks in the woods, grassy areas and parks, make sure to use flea and tick prevention.   As a minimum use protection for at least 9 months, or year round if you are active in winter.   Ticks will hide under a protective layer of fallen leaves under the snow and will come out looking for a meal on warmer days when the snow melts.  In spring or as soon as temperatures reach 4 degrees celsius, ticks become active looking for food  =  your pet..... and in some instances ... you.    Protecting your pet from ticks helps prevent the spread of Lyme disease. After every outdoor activity make sure to have a look/feel of your self and over your pet to check for ticks.  Remove them promptly.  If you require help removing a tick from your pet we can help.  If you need more parasite prevention just give us a call !

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