When an unexpected health issue happens to your pet and
you need help with finances....
Animal Hospital of Cambridge offers 3 payment solutions.
Go to the website and enter the required info about your pet, the finances you need and type in our name ( Animal Hospital of Cambridge).   You will be sent a special code to you mobile device to finish the application.    Scratchpay will present you with up to 3 different payment plan options.   You can be approved within minutes !
Fairstone financial provides our clients with a card that can be used  anytime at our hospital for your pets healthcare.  This card provides you with a no payment for 3 months at 0% interest payment option ( OAC).
  You will need 2 Pieces of ID ( ask for details)  in order to fill out the application which is then submitted online by one of our customer service representatives.    You will know if your financing has been approved in under an hour.    
We also accept payment from Petard.  Applications can
be filled out directly online.