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Vet-to-Vet Nutritional Consultations

At Animal Hospital of Cambridge, we are delighted to offer specialized vet-to-vet nutrition consultations for cats and dogs with our residency-trained veterinary nutritionist, Dr. Caitlin Grant. See below for steps to booking a consultation.

Dr. Grant is dedicated to providing expert guidance and personalized dietary plans tailored to a pet’s specific needs. Whether a cat or dog requires weight management, has a medical condition, or simply needs a nutritional assessment, our nutrition consultations are designed to optimize their health and enhance their quality of life.

Services Offered

  • Recommendation of veterinary therapeutic diet: For pets with 1 or more medical conditions, where guidance is needed on the selection of the therapeutic diet.
  • Selection of comparable commercial food: For example, if the pet’s current food is on back-order/unavailable, Dr. Grant can review options to see if there is a comparable product available.
  • Assessment of a pet’s current homemade diet: The exact recipe or a food log detailing exactly what and how much is fed must be submitted to Dr. Grant for review. She will estimate the current calorie intake as well as whether the nutrient profile is appropriate for the pet (healthy or with medical conditions). If the homemade diet is deficient in nutrients, or not appropriate for the pet, Dr. Grant could meet with the pet owner directly and have a homemade diet formulated.
  • Assessment of calorie intake: When a pet is under or overweight, Dr. Grant can review the diet history and compare the estimated current calorie intake to calculated energy requirements and make recommendations on adjusting the food amount.
  • Creation of a treat/human food budget: For owners that want to include treats or human foods in their pet’s diet, Dr. Grant can provide a list of foods and how much to feed to remain at <10% of the pet’s calories. Food items would also be appropriate for the pet’s medical conditions.
  • Recommendations on supplements and dosing: For example, recommendations on Omega 3 supplements and dosing based on the amount in the current diet and target dose for the pet based on weight and inflammatory condition.
  • Recommendations on feeding tube plans for hospitalized pets: Dr. Grant can recommend the most appropriate food and rate of delivery, based on the type of tube that has been placed and the pet’s medical conditions.
  • Assessment of current therapeutic diet if a new medical condition is diagnosed: For example, if a pet has been on a therapeutic diet for a specific medical condition (e.g. food allergies) and is now diagnosed with a second condition (e.g. pancreatitis, CKD, arthritis, etc.) Dr. Grant can review the current diet and make recommendations on whether it is appropriate to continue or if a diet change is indicated.

How to Book a Consultation

Information coming soon.