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Dec 16th Closed at 5pm - Staff Party
Posted on Dec 16, 2018

Senior Pet Healthcare Focus - Save 20%
Posted on Nov 3, 2018

Our loyal trusted companions develop age related issues over time just like people.  The earlier you catch something, the sooner we can work at helping your pet age gracefully.   Some ailments can be helped with a simple change in nutrition, addition of nutraceuticals / supplements or medications if required.  Helping your pet adjust to the changes or diseases they may be experiencing can help them to live as long as possible.
Right now we are offering a 20% discount on a Geriatric blood panel that will screen organ function (like kidney, liver) among other things like thyroid function.   If any abnormalities present, we will help you address them head on.    If you opt to run this lab work we will provide you with an additional 20% on your pets examination.    We will be able to inform you on the dietary changes your senior pet may require and will offer 20% discount off your first bag of pet food.     In addition, you can fill out a ballot for a chance to win a free bag of senior pet food during November and December !  If your senior pet could use a check up give us a call today

Ticks Are Still A Threat In The Fall
Posted on Nov 3, 2018

If your dog is active in fall and winter and you still like to enjoy off leash walks in the woods and parks, make sure to use flea and tick prevention year round.   Ticks will hide under a protective layer of fallen leaves under the snow and will come out looking for a meal on warmer days when the snow melts.  Protecting your pet from ticks helps prevent the spread of Lyme disease.  
If you need more parasite prevention just give us a call !

Posted on Jun 27, 2018

We'd like to welcome Alexis to the
Animal Hospital of Cambridge grooming team !
Get to know Alexis:

Alexis is an RVT and groomer who graduated from Seneca College from the Veterinary Technician program with honours in 2016. She also has a Bachelor of Science degree with honours majoring in Animal Biology from the University of Guelph. She’s been working with animals for more than 6 years and has been grooming part time for 4 years!

She has four cats, Lucifer, Lucky, Titten and Pumpkin and a lovely dog named Toro. In her free time, she enjoys playing soccer and going on hikes with her dog.

Please call 226-499-1140 if you would like to book an appointment!


Save on your 1st groom with Alexis !

Clip This Coupon Below



Vaccinate & Help A Good Cause
Posted on Apr 19, 2018

 By Vaccinating Your Pet With Us
You Are Helping To Prevent The Spread Of
Rabies In The Serengeti

Did you know that when your dog is vaccinated at Animal Hospital of Cambridge  with our Nobivac canine vaccines you are not only keeping your favourite companion healthy & protected, ..... but you are helping out a great cause ( AFYA PROJECT) too !!! 


Together we can help reduce Rabies in the Serengeti. 



Our sincere thanks to all of you who
help us with this good will mission.


Tick Season Is Here
Posted on Apr 16, 2018

Tick Season Is Here

With temperatures so up and down these days, ticks can be found year round.  Give us a call to discuss the risk factor for Ticks in Ontario.   As daily temperatures reach 4 degrees Celsius ( and possibly at any above zero degrees) ticks become active and therefore it is time to start your pets tick prevention.  Many prevention products will also prevent fleas at the same time, another pesky parasite. 

Let us recommend the right product to protect

 Lyme disease is a growing concern for pets and people. 

Numbers of reported Lyme positive dogs is just an indication of the issue at hand.  What we need to consider is that true numbers are likely higher because not all dogs will be tested.  In the photo below Idexx has indicated that in 2017 there were 1261 Lyme positive dogs, and in the past 5 years a total of 6215 in Ontario..... keep in mind this is only one the actual count is sure to be higher.   So far there have been 148 cases reported in 2018 !

Why is testing your dog for Lyme disease important?

"There’s some info that suggests canine exposure to Borrelia (the bacterium that is transmitted by deer ticks causing Lyme disease)  can also be an indicator of the risk of human exposure, which makes sense since dogs and people are exposed the same way (i.e. being bitten by an infected deer tick ( Ixodes scapulars) tick)." 

-  from the worms and germs blog

Tracking the incidence of Lyme disease in dogs brings awareness as to where on the map it can be found and indicates that we as humans must also take precautions not to contract it through tick bites.  Some areas on the map may have a higher endemic incidence than others,  but even one Lyme positive Deer tick  in our area indicates we should be doing all we can to protect our pets and our family.


Get Started Today !

As part of your dogs parasite screening this spring; a simple blood test can screen for Tick borne diseases like Lyme,  as well as Heartworm at the same time. Results can be reported in as little as 24-48 hours.


Call us to book your dogs appointment now. 519-624-9760

** As always Heartworm prevention should be started by June 1st !

*** Keep in mind that cats who live with dogs should also have prevention medication on board.

Watch These 3 Videos Below

For More Information







Posted on Mar 15, 2018

April is Lyme Disease Awareness Month

Start your pets prevention medication when
temperatures reach 4 degrees Celsius

Posted on Feb 18, 2018


February 20th 2018

8am - 10pm

621 Hespeler Road, Cambridge, ON, N1R 6J3

Ph: 519-624-9760




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Posted on Feb 9, 2018


Book A Courtesy Dental Exam Appointment

Then, book your pets Dental Prophylaxis ( scale & polish)**
Pre-Operative Bloodwork to screen kidney & liver function and overall health
IV Fluids to regulate blood pressure, hydrate patient, &
provide injection port for medication
Dental Score Charting to evaluate every single tooth.
Full Mouth  Dental Radiographs  can ensure tooth root health
Free Small Bag of Dental Diet* to help keep your pets clean
(* specific in-store recommendation)
(** extractions (removal of unhealthy teeth)  if required cost extra / may require 2nd booking)
Unfortunately tartar can hide problems  not visible to the eye on exam underneath or below the gum line.  After a full dental score charting we will update owners during the procedure of any specific findings that require further attention.   Book a courtesy dental exam if your pet has bad breath, difficulty chewing, or changes in behaviour like not playing with toys.
Call today 519-624-9760
Please be sure to tell us who your medical provider is.  

Some pet insurance plans cover dental work.


Same Day Appointments 7 Days a Week Until 10pm
Posted on Nov 25, 2017


Need to be seen today?  We will see you today !
Evening appointments available 8am to 10pm Monday to Saturday and 8am to 8pm on Sunday's.    Open 7 days a week !   Yes we are OPEN SUNDAYS !!  Friendly faces are here in the evenings to help serve our clients and the tri-city area with any pet issues or emergencies.   If you need a late night appointment, have a question about your pet, or want an update on your pet who may be staying with us overnight... give us a call at 519-624-9760.     We are here for you! 


Book a courtesy dental exam for a no obligation quote on dental care. Let us help your pet smile again! Call us at 519-624-9760