Pet Dentistry at Animal Hospital of Cambridge


** this fee will be refunded if you book a dental procedure within 3 months

[object HTMLInputElement]We believe every animal and every person is entitled to a pain-free mouth throughout their lifetime. We are passionate about dentistry at the Animal Hospital of Cambridge, and have invested in advanced dental training and equipment to ensure your pet is getting the best dental care possible. We feel it is impossible to do a good job without dental X-rays or proper dental equipment and training. 

A tooth can look completely normal from the outside and have a painful abscess on the inside. Since your pet is unable to tell us which teeth hurt, we offer full-mouth dental radiography. X-rays allow us to see what's going on inside, the same way your own dentist's X-rays do. They also enable us to do proper extractions on painful teeth when indicated... and to ensure no root tips are left behind!

Root tips can be painful and will continue to cause problems in your pet's jaw. It is essential when teeth are removed that the entire tooth is taken out and no fragments are left behind. 

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We believe in dentistry so strongly we offer free dental exams to all of our patients in Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph and surrounding areas! We would rather you save your money for the dental care your pet needs and deserves. We also believe that simply cleaning teeth and ignoring underlying problems and pain is not doing you or your pet any service.  


We are true advocates for our patients, and every dental procedure we do is followed by a discharge appointment with a full review of all radiographs and procedures done. We'll also make recommendations on preventative dental care and provide nutritional counselling. We can all work together to help your pet!


Digital Dental X-ray for pets
 Digital Dental X-Ray
We will print you a dental report with copies of your pets dental X-rays to take home so you can show your other family members.  Recommendations for future dental care and home dental care will be written into your pets report.  
You pets dental X-rays can also be sent to you via email.