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Vet Referrals

Ensuring excellent care and services for our patients through our specialist network.

Vet Referrals

Ensuring excellent care and services for our patients through our specialist network.

At Animal Hospital of Cambridge, we are pleased to offer referral services for:

  1. Nutrition Consultations with Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionist, Dr. Caitlin Grant

  2. Orthopedic Services with Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Tom Gibson

As you are the primary veterinarian for your patients, we make certain that you receive timely updates on any treatment or care administered while at our hospital. Your trust is invaluable to us, and we are dedicated to delivering the same high standard of care that your client and patient are accustomed to in your own practice. By fostering clear communication between veterinarians, our referral program is crafted to facilitate collaboration between our hospitals, all in the best interest of your patient.

1. Nutrition Consultations

Provided by: Dr. Caitlin Grant
Credentials: DVM, DVSc, EBVS Specialist in Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition (Dip ECVCN)
Available for: Cats and Dogs

Dr. Grant stands out as one of the few Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionists in Canada, and a rare individual offering these specialized services within a hospital setting.

Pet Owner Nutrition Consultations

  • Pet owner nutrition consultations are available for clients located anywhere in Ontario (a referral from the primary veterinarian is required) and can be done in person, via phone or video. Following each consultation with the pet owner, a summary is provided back to the referring veterinarian.
  • How to Refer: Please email to initiate the referral process.
    Pet owners will be contacted to book a consultation.

Vet-to-Vet Nutrition Consultations

  • Vet-to-vet nutrition consultations are available for veterinarians located across Canada and are available via email, phone or video.
  • How to Book a Vet-to-Vet Consultation: Please click the link below. A new tab will open taking you to our telehealth platform where you will be able to register/log in and book a consultation via email, phone, or video. 


2. Orthopedic Services

Provided by: Dr. Tom Gibson
Credentials: BSc, BEd, DVM, DVSc, DACVS (Small Animal), DACVSMR (Canine)
Available for: Cats and Dogs

  • Dr. Gibson offers orthopedic surgery services at Animal Hospital of Cambridge by referral only and is available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
  • How to Refer: To discuss if your patient is a good candidate for surgery, please contact us at 519-624-9760.
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