Spring has sprung! It's time to book your dog for their annual heartworm and tick-borne disease test. Add-on discounted wellness panels are available.
Heartworm prevention should start June 1st. SAVE now until July 31st. Some prevention product REBATES are available - contact us for more details!



Microchipping helps prevent your pet from being one of hundreds of furry friends that end up in shelters each year. It’s important to think about pet recovery, before they get lost, so you can use tools like microchipping to safely bring them home. It’s a safe and pet-friendly permanent identification method for your furry family member.

What is a 24PetWatch microchip?

24PetWatch is a Lost Pet Recovery Service that serves Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. Once the tiny, 24PetWatch microchip is implanted into your pet, any shelter, veterinary team or humane society can use a handheld scanner to detect their chip. Next, they’ll contact the recovery service with the chip’s serial number. That one toll-free call is all it takes to set the process in motion. Then, we’ll contact you and reunite you with your pet! If your pet ever goes missing, we can track all inquiries to ensure not a moment is wasted in reuniting you and your furry family member. Even if you choose a different microchip, you can still register it for free with the 24PetWatch Lost Pet Recovery Service.

Is microchipping painful?

Since microchips are about the size of a rice grain, the implantation process is pretty painless. We may use a needle to place the chip beneath the surface of their skin, typically between their shoulder blades. We’ve noticed that most pets don’t even flinch when the microchip is implanted. One microchip lasts your pet’s entire lifetime so they’ll have permanent identification for life.

My pet stays mostly indoors. Do they still need one?

Indoor pets, like cats, can stray from home. There’s no guarantee you can keep them safe at all times. Microchipping helps safeguard them against getting lost if they wander away. We don’t want your pet to be unclaimed in a shelter or humane society and never end up being returned home to you. We highly recommend microchipping, especially when paired with collars and tags. Please contact us to have your furry family member microchipped at 519.624.9760.

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