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Veterinary Exam

As part of our focus on wellness and preventative healthcare, it’s important to take your pet in for their yearly visit. This is to ensure we’re providing them with the best possible care. Depending on your pet’s stage of life, they might need more frequent visits. For example, puppies might need visits every few months, while senior pets might see them twice a year. We have an electronic reminder system in place which will notify you via phone, mail, email or text when your pet is due to come see us. When you join our hospital, be sure to give us your email so you can receive electronic reminders and newsletters.

What does a wellness exam involve?

The purpose of a wellness exam is to ensure we’re remaining up-to-date on all of your pet’s healthcare needs. During their yearly visit, we’ll do a full physical exam as well as diagnostics tests like bloodwork. Thanks to our on-site laboratory, we can run blood samples and receive your pet’s results in as little as 30 minutes. We’ll also discuss preventative healthcare measures like vaccinations and making sure your pet has a parasite control plan. Please contact our veterinary team to schedule your pet’s next appointment at 519.624.9760.

Why is it important?

Pets age at a fast rate, which means it’s important to stay on top of changes, no matter how subtle they are. If we can identify certain warning signs or diseases during its early stages, we can create a course of action. Since wellness is all encompassing, we also want to ensure your pet does not only appear well externally, but is also healthy internally. This might include making revisions to their nutrition plan, recommending services like rehabilitation for injuries or scheduling vital surgeries like spay and neutering.

How should I prepare?

If you’ve noticed any changes, big or small in your pet, please share them with our veterinary team. No observation is too small or insignificant. This is the perfect time to ask any lingering questions about your pet’s healthcare. Also, make sure you have a record of your pet’s basic information like the type of food they eat or medications they take.

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