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Behavioural Counselling

Expert guidance to address and modify your cat or dog’s behaviour.

Behavioural Counselling

Expert guidance to address and modify your cat or dog’s behaviour.

You might have noticed your pet isn’t behaving like their normal selves. They could be more aggressive towards you and your family members or might be shying away from interacting with new pets. If you’re concerned about your furry friend’s behaviour, our veterinary team is here to provide support.

What happens during behavioural counselling?

Your pet’s behaviour might be their way of telling you something is wrong. Sometimes your pet’s behaviour is a manifestation of an underlying issue like a health concern. During your appointment, we’ll discuss factors like your pet’s overall health, medical history and environment to pinpoint if any of these factors are affecting their behaviour. We might perform a physical examination to confirm any suspicions we have, followed by other diagnostic tests. We’ll discuss ways to resolve potential medical issues and create a plan of action to address your pet’s behaviour issues.

What could be causing changes in my pet’s behaviour?

It’s best to consult our veterinary team to discuss how your pet’s specific behavioural issues could be connected to other underlying problems. Some of these factors could be affecting your furry friend’s mood:

  • Pain from health issues like gum disease or arthritis
  • Separation anxiety
  • Changes in their environment like a new pet or home
  • Changes in their diet like introducing a new food

How can behaviour counselling help my pet?

Counselling helps pinpoint any connection between your pet’s behaviour issues and their health as well as providing strategies to curb it. For example, pets can be aggressive if they are in pain. It’s important to treat the root of the behaviour issues, which is the pain as well as provide tools you can use to ensure your pet is behaving well. Please contact us if you’re interested in behaviour counselling for your pet at 519-624-9760.

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