PH: 519-624-9760

What We Are Doing At Animal Hospital Of Cambridge 

To Help Reduce the Risk & Spread of Covid-19

-      We will monitor and place any of our staff that has travelled internationally on a 2-week self quarantine and request any persons on our staff that is unwell, to stay home.

-      We will provide antibacterial hand soap throughout the clinic and public washrooms.  We will promote more frequent hand washing for the recommended 20 seconds on top of our usual hand washing protocols.

-      We will provide hand sanitizer in our reception area and around all working areas of the hospital.

-    As of August we have begun to let the public into our hospital.  Clients will be required to wear a mask and be assigned to a waiting area.  Our technicians will take your pet to our treatment area to complete their procedure/exam with the Veterinarian.   Once completed the Veterinarian will come out to discuss their findings and we will go over any treatment or medications your pet requires.

-      We will be screening every person who is calling in to book an appointment for their pet regarding their travel history and if anyone in the home is experiencing any signs/symptoms of the virus.

-      We will request that only healthy people with no symptoms come to our hospital. We will be limiting  clinic appointments to 1 owner attending the appointment

-      We will conduct your pets’ exam in our hospital treatment room while the owner waits in our lobby to reduce face-to-face communications in close quarters for the health and safety of everyone

-      We have removed items that may be used by the public such as magazines, children’s toys, and social snack cart items to reduce contaminated surfaces.

-      We will step up our regular disinfection and sanitizing procedures by increasing the frequency of our cleaning duties and ensuring proper contact time to kill any potential virus in our client facing areas, front/back doors, and treatment areas.

-      We will continue to post up to date information on our website, Daktronics street sign and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to keep our staff, clients and surrounding community up to date on best practices to reduce exposure from reliable resources. Be sure to follow us for links to important information for you and your pet.

-       We will not accept walk-in appointments so that we can control the number of people waiting to be seen by the veterinarian.

-       Please call us at 519-624-9760 so we can triage your request for an appointment and make the necessary recommendation for timing or criticalness of your pets issue to ensure we can see you and reduce possible wait times.  In some cases ahoctelemedicine.ca  may be offered.

-      Some elective and non-critical surgeries may need to be booked at a later date as there may be delays in us receiving medical supplies and medications

-      We will not be providing hospital tours, visitations of hospitalized pets or the pets in our adoption/rescue program.  We understand this may lead to some disappointment, however the health and safety of our clients and work family is our main priority.