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Traveling Abroad with Pets

Are You Traveling Abroad with Your Pet? You may require a certificate!

These certificates are for information purposes only. If you are planning an export, please get in touch with the Animal Health Offices in your area to verify that the certificate is valid, that it applies to your export, and that there are no disease outbreaks or other events that may cause exports to be suspended. In general, these types of forms need to be filled out no sooner than 10 days before travel and need to be notarized by a CFIA agent. The nearest office is in Guelph.

Click here to visit the CFIA Website
The local office for notarization is in Guelph
259 Woodlawn Road West, Suite A
Guelph, ON N1H 8J1
Telephone: 226.217.1200
Facsimile: 226.217.1211

Once on the CFIA Webpage under Live Animals – click on Pets (dogs, cats ferret).

** Disclaimer ** Owners are responsible for finding and providing the necessary and correct documents for travel. Please ensure you contact the CFIA with any questions. Animal Hospital of Cambridge is not responsible for incorrect forms supplied by owners.

Canadian International Health Certificate

The Canadian International Health Certificate may be used to accompany pet dogs and cats to other countries. This certificate should be printed on legal paper (8.5″ X 14″). However, letter-sized paper (8.5″ X 11″) will be accepted.

If this document meets the requirements set out by the importing country, then it may be downloaded, completed by a veterinarian licensed to practice veterinary medicine in Canada and then presented to an official government veterinarian to be endorsed.
There will be a fee applied for this service.

There are countries/zones for which the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has either negotiated specific veterinary health certificates or where the country has provided their own health certificate. Therefore, the Canadian International Health Certificate should not be used for those countries.

A list organized by country/jurisdiction. Scroll to the appropriate travel destination: animals/terrestrial-animals/ exports/live-animals/health- certificates/pets/eng/ 1321265624789/1321281361100

For further information or clarification on this procedure, please contact the relevant CFIA Office for the province in which you reside.

Canadian Health Certificate for Dogs and Cats

** If this certificate is not applicable – see previous link and scroll to area of travel animals/terrestrial-animals/ exports/live-animals/health- certificates/pets/canadian- international-health- certificate/eng/1321285405995/ 1321285496577