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Vaccinations & Preventive Pet Care

At our hospital, optimum animal health (or, preventative medicine) is our focus. We believe not only is the prevention of disease less costly than treating disease, it is also much kinder for your pet. You will hear us talk a lot about strategies and health care plans to prevent issues from even starting.


Cats Are Special Too! - Purevax Vaccines

 Merial’s PUREVAX vaccines are formulated to protect your cat against a wide range of illness and disease. The PUREVAX family of feline vaccines consists of vaccines – without adjuvants.



Dog Vaccinations - Boosters Only As Required

At Animal Hospital of Cambridge we have made DA2PPL + RABIES the core vaccinations of protection. After your dogs 1st set of adult vaccines, Rabies will be administered every 3 years, while the Da2ppL (Distemper, Adenovirus, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza, Leptospirosis) will be boosted annually.   

We will discuss your pets lifestyle to assess whether other vaccinations like Lyme vaccine or Bordetella should be given as well.

Keep your pet protected and up to date. 



Vaccination is an important component to disease prevention, but it is only part of the equation. We want your pet to live a healthy, pain-free life, and to be free of clinical disease. Nutritional and genetic counseling are also very important players in your pet's health care plan. Did you know, for instance, that Bichon Frises are genetically predisposed to calcium oxalate bladder stones, or that most indoor cats are predisposed to the formation of painful struvite crystals in their urine? Did you know we can now treat hyperthyroidism in cats with iodine deficient diets?         

We carry a large variety of pet foods  that will nourish your pet through their various life stages from  puppy/kitten to adult to senior ages. Some diets are specific to your pets individual needs whether it is stiff joints, kidney disease, dental health or for a sensitive gastrointestinal tract. Many of these diets have and S/O index which means these diets are also formulated to prevent the formation of urinary crystals/stones like struvite & calcium oxalate.  

**Special orders can be placed for other brands of food if it is available via our distributor.


These items can be special ordered for in-clinic pick up by calling 519-624-9760 or on our WEBSTORE for in-clinic pick up or delivery.


Dental Disease 

And did you also know... "it is estimated that 90% of pets over 2 years of age have significant mouth disease. Of that 90%, about 50% require immediate attention.”  

The above quotation was taken from the OVMA website. Dental disease can lead to other problems and infections within the body and its organs. Bacteria in the mouth can easily enter the bloodstream via inflamed and bleeding gums, leading to organ problems and, in some cases, even organ failure.

Prevention is the key, and things have come a long way in dental care for your pet. State-of-the-art diets and food technology, and new oral health care products, have changed the way we deal with dental disease prevention. 

Overweight Pets 

Did you know that if your pet is overweight she is predisposed to orthopaedic disease? Including cranial cruciate ligament injury, blood pressure and heart problems, diabetes and other endocrine disease? Even a little extra weight can lead to serious health issues and compromise a happy life at home.  A FREE weight loss program is available for your pet.... ask for a weight consult with one of our nutrition team members  @ 519-624-9760

Blood Profiles 

Often, a pet can look completely normal on the outside, even if things are going wrong on the inside. Sometimes their actions or behaviour can tell us they are not feeling well, but animals can also hide disease. That's why an annual wellness blood profile is so helpful, because the piece of mind a client gets when that blood work comes back normal can be well worth the small cost! So many diseases can be detected early on with just a little sample of blood, enabling us to treat things earlier and save lives.  We can run samples right at our hospital and have the results in less than 30 minutes.

It is also important to remember one year for a pet is closer to 7 years of life for us. As your pet ages, it is even more important to come see us regularly.

Ultrasound Imaging 

The introduction of ultrasound imaging to our practice several years ago changed everything, especially regarding geriatric health care. What a lovely, non-invasive modality to take a peek inside your pet's abdomen! No pain, no stress, and we can see all internal organs in less than an hour.

Almost daily we hear clients say, "I wish we had this kind of health care for ourselves in Canada!" Although it is very sad that a person may have to wait months and months to have a knee replacement in Ontario, did you know that if your dog ruptures a cruciate ligament, at our practice it can be repaired in the same week... if not the next day!



Wellness and preventative health care are our focus at the Animal Hospital of Cambridge.  We have an electronic reminder system in place which will notify you via phone, mail, email or text when your pet is due to come see us. When you join our hospital be sure to give us your email so you can receive electronic reminders and newsletters.