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SUNDAY - Closing 2 hours early
Posted on Feb 27, 2021

Sunday February 28th we will be closing at 4pm for inventory counting.  We will re-open Monday at 8am.
If you require care after 4pm, please contact the KW Veterinary Emergency Clinic at 519-650-1617.
They are located at 405 Maple Grove Rd. in Cambridge.

HIRING RVT, CSR - Fulltime
Posted on Feb 25, 2021

Hiring RVT, CSR - Fulltime

Posted on Feb 14, 2021


Pet Got Bad Breath ?

Book A Courtesy Dental Exam Appointment
 February 14th - March 14th 

Our Veterinarian will take a look in your pets mouth and provide you with a treatment plan and estimate of cost tailored to your pets dental needs.  

Call to book your pets Dental Prophylaxis ( scale & polish)** which includes
Dental Score Charting to evaluate every single tooth,
Full Mouth  Dental Radiographs  to evaluate tooth root health and receive a
Free Small Bag of Dental Diet* to help keep your pets clean

Auxiliary treatments include: 
Pre-Operative Bloodwork to screen kidney & liver function and overall health
IV Fluids to regulate blood pressure, hydrate patient, &
provide injection port for medication
(* specific in-store recommendation)
(** extractions (removal of unhealthy teeth)  if required cost extra / may require 2nd booking)
Unfortunately tartar can hide problems  not visible to the eye on exam underneath or below the gum line.  After a full dental score charting we will update owners during the procedure of any specific findings that require further attention.   Book a courtesy dental exam if your pet has bad breath, difficulty chewing, or changes in behaviour like not playing with toys.
Call today 519-624-9760
Please be sure to tell us who your medical provider is.  

Some pet insurance plans cover dental work.


Got Bad Breath ? Pet Dentistry
Posted on Jan 23, 2021

Does your pet have

bad breath ?
Book a FREE Dental Exam 
During January & February 


The onset of dental disease is slow but the fix is quick.  Don't let your pets mouth get to this point ( above pic Stage 4 Periodontal disease).... There are so many options available to pet owners to help keep their pets teeth clean. Remember 1 year to them... is like 7 years to us.    Imagine not brushing your teeth for 7 years.... YUCK!  
  By age 2 most cats and dogs will have stage 1-2 periodontal disease.    The good news is clinical signs of stage 1 to Stage 2 dental disease can be reversed.    If you'd like to know where your pets oral health stands... book a free dental exam with one of our veterinarians at Animal Hospital of Cambridge.       They can advise you on things you can do at home or prepare a treatment plan for a scale and polish.    
Healthy mouth + Healthy body = Living Longer .....
Book a no charge dental exam during January & February by calling us at

Bring a list of any questions or concerns with your pets oral health.

Our Veterinarians will provide you an estimate of cost for the treatment required by your pet.  Did you know that pet's with periodontal disease are at risk for other health problems ?  Inflamed and bleeding gums allow the bacteria in the mouth to
travel through the blood stream to other vital organs.


Grooming - NOW OPEN
Posted on Dec 24, 2020

We will do our best to get you booked in as soon as possible with our Groomers !

We are essential !! Regular Services Available
Posted on Dec 21, 2020

Fall/Winter COVID Protocol
Posted on Oct 12, 2020

Contact-less Drop off at Door Appointments & Curb-Side Service   Begins October 13th
due to Increase in COVID

Your Animal Hospital of Cambridge team would like to take a moment and thank you for your loyalty.  We know the last several months have not been simple as we've worked throughout the entire COVID-19 pandemic, so we thank you for your patience and support. As always, your veterinary care team has your best interests in mind, which is why we're announcing the fall & winter protocol throughout the remainder of this page. This protocol takes effect as of October 13th, so please read carefully. 


Fall & Winter Protocol

With the increasing rate of new infections (of COVID-19) combined with the fall/winter flu season ahead,  AHOC has decided to close entry to our main lobby for the public in an effort to reduce the risk of the virus being spread.  Clients will not be allowed in the building for appointments at this time. We will be asking you to call in at           519-624-9760  when you arrive for your appointment.  Our customer service representatives will ask you about your pet and for your cell number so that the Veterinarian can discuss the appointment / health issues with you when we are done.   We will ask you to release your pet into our main entrance (vestibule) where one of our staff members will bring your pet inside for their exam/procedure while you wait in your car (please let us know if you arrive by taxi or public transit).   Payment for food orders, prescriptions and appointments will be preferably paid by credit card taken over the phone if possible.


Upon Booking an Appointment

We understand it's been difficult to reach our front desk lately - our call volume has certainly been higher than usual. As a result, we're making adjustments to our appointment booking protocol to help serve you better.  Please continue to try to get through the line ( we have 7 lines) we will be with you as soon as possible.

 Do We Have Your Email On File?

Please continue to phone us to book your appointment (519-624-9760). Please make sure we have a current email on file for you.  Upon confirming your appointment, an email will automatically be sent to you containing a link to an online form. Please submit this form in advance of your appointment - it will help contextualize the reason for your concern and will help the veterinarian better assess your pet. This form will also greatly reduce the time spent on the phone, thereby opening up our phone lines! 


Additionally our internal efforts to keep phone lines open by our support staff & Veterinarians means they may call you from one of our internal cell phones which will read "private number".  Please be sure to answer the call when they call.


Ordering Pet Food and Prescription Refills

If you would like to order food and/or a prescription refill online, you may do so by emailing Please make sure to provide your full name, pets name, item you are requesting (please specify quantity or size) and the phone number we have your file listed under. We will process your order within 24-48 hours ( emails are checked Monday to Friday) and will notify you when your order is ready.

Alternatively, you can join our webstore to have your pets food, treats, toys and grooming supplies delivered right to your home by sending a request to for an INVITE.  Please provide your full name, pets name, and phone number in our software system.     You will receive an email with a PROMO code to save 20% off of your 1st order !


And that's it! Once again, we thank you for your patience & support as we navigate this fluid situation. If you have any questions, just send an email to 



Dr. Kathy Hrinivich and the entire
Animal Hospital of Cambridge Team

Order Food and Rx Refills Online
Posted on Jul 20, 2020

Although we have 7 phone lines we understand that it is sometimes hard to get through for something as simple as requesting a refill on your pets food or prescriptions with most conversations for pet care these days by phone due to the pandemic.      In an effort to make this transaction a little easier and more efficient.... and of course free up the phone lines for people who need appointment,  we have added a new email in which you can send your request to.    

 Please feel free to send us your request for food or medications to
This email is checked Monday to Friday.  Please allow 24 - 48 hours for a response - we will check this email for requests at order time each day.   Please try to put in your request before 1pm so we can make our order cut-off time each day.    We will reach out to you when your order has been filled.
In your email please provide the following details:
Your first and last name
Pets name
Item being ordered - food, shampoo's, treats etc
Prescriptions - medication name and quantity for refill
Phone # your file with us is listed under
Provide the best phone # to reach you if it is different from your file in case there are any questions or issues with filling your order.    Please be advised a doctor will have to approve all requests for medication refills.
Thank you for continuing to choose us as your pet care provider.

The Doctors & staff at Animal Hospital of Cambridge

Posted on May 15, 2020

The Ontario government has announced the easing of restrictions starting May 19th for Groomers and Veterinary Hospitals.   Pam, Alexis, & Tory are looking forward to being able to offer you an appointment in the days and weeks ahead.
We ask for your patience at this time while we figure out how to navigate being able to accommodate our clients needs in a way that will maintain safety for both clients and our staff.  While there may be a bit of a waiting list to get your pet in for grooming, please know we will do our best to get everyone in, have their pets looking beautiful and their nails trimmed in no time.  

 You can call the grooming line and leave a message for someone to book you an appointment at 226-499-1140.

Thank you for your loyalty and patience.
We look forward to pampurrring your pets !

Pam, Alexis, & Tory

Posted on Mar 30, 2020

During times of social distancing and self isolation, the Webstore is a great option to have your pets veterinary diets, treats, toys, and grooming supplies delivered right to your home.  
Registration is free !  Click Here
** For anyone who is not a current Animal Hospital of Cambridge client please indicate in your registration what clinic you are from so we can verify the veterinary diet appropriate for your pet.
Book a courtesy dental exam for a no obligation quote on dental care. Let us help your pet smile again! Call us at 519-624-9760