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Posted on Dec 24, 2019

5% Savings Begins Oct. 7th - Autoship Orders
Posted on Sep 29, 2019

Changes to the autoship discount are coming in October 


Open 7 Days A Week
Posted on Oct 29, 2019

Fall / Winter Hours
Posted on Oct 3, 2019

As of October 1st our business hours have changed to 8am-9pm 7 days a week.

Healthy Weight - Happy Pet = Longer Life
Posted on Sep 15, 2019

Should You Be Concerned About Your Pets Weight?

In one word.... YES!

Maintaining a healthy body weight means your pet will live longer and will have less chance of developing conditions such as -  diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, kidney disease, and many forms of cancer.

How Do You Know If Your Pet Is At A Healthy Weight?

Ask your Veterinarian to do a Body Condition Score of your pet.   On a scale of 1 to 9.... 5 is an ideal score.  While it may be hard to achieve a perfect score of 5..  getting as close to it should be the goal for your pet.  Our goal is to help pet parents prevent their pets from becoming overweight right from the start.

Visit this link for full access to the Pet Weight Check Tool Guide on the
Pet Obesity Prevention Website.

Click Here

There is lots of information out there accessible on the internet and of course, your Veterinarian can help you determine what a healthy weight for your pet will be.   As a guideline a list of breeds and the "average weight range" for the breed gives you something to go on.... of course as with people there will be some variation.

Visit this link to see the average weight range for your pets breed.

Click Here

Just for fun the website also has a Pet to Human Weight Translator.   Use the weight equivalent charts to determine how much your pet weighs compared to an average adult human male or female.

Click Here

How many calories your pet requires in a day will be determined by breed, age, activity level and current body weight.    Many pet foods provide too many calories and can lead to obesity, especially if portions  and treats are not measured.

Animal Hospital of Cambridge Pet Fit Weight Loss Program

Figuring all of this out on your own can be confusing.   It is not as simple as cutting back your pets current food.. because you will also be cutting back the nutrients your pet needs to maintain lean muscle.

If your pet truly needs to shed some pounds, a specially formulated weight loss food will help your pet to lose weight.  We have a variety of diets that we can recommend to you.  Your pet can still feel full because they can eat a normal portion size.  The Pet Fit Program is free for pets beginning these weight loss diets so we can help answer you questions along the way and ensure we are reaching safe weight loss goals.

If you would like help with your pets weight, we are here to help !  

Just give us a call to discuss your pets nutrition needs.


Weight Loss Success Story

Meet Charlie !

When Charlie the Golden Retriever started his weight loss journey
he weighed in at 79 Kgs ( 173.8lbs) !   Along with our Registered Veterinary Technician Michele and his pet parents, Charlie began our Pet Fit Weight Loss Program in February 2018.  
This has been an ongoing process with regular weight check-ins and support.  


This is Charlie "Before"

His waist belly hung straight across, we could not feel his ribs, and he had no visible waist looking from above.

Fast forward to September 2019..




With a lot of exercise, weighing food portions on gram scales, treat control, and regular weight check-in appointments, Charlie successfully lost 32.1 kgs of body weight.   He is now down to 46.9 Kgs (103.2lbs) !!!


Charlie belly now tucks up and you can see his waist when looking from above.  We are so happy for Charlie and his fur parents knowing that he is well on his way to a healthier, more fit dog.  

Congratulations Charlie!!


For tips on helping an overweight pet lose weight click on the links below.

Click here for weight loss tips for dogs.

Click here for weigh loss tips for cats.

For all your pet care needs, we are here to help.



Posted on Sep 7, 2019


Pet Got Bad Breath ?

Book A Courtesy Dental Exam Appointment

Our Veterinarian will take a look in your pets mouth and provide you with a treatment plan and estimate of cost.  

Book your pets Dental Prophylaxis ( scale & polish)**
Dental Score Charting to evaluate every single tooth.
Full Mouth  Dental Radiographs  evaluate tooth root health
Free Small Bag of Dental Diet* to help keep your pets clean

Auxiliary treatments include: 
Pre-Operative Bloodwork to screen kidney & liver function and overall health
IV Fluids to regulate blood pressure, hydrate patient, &
provide injection port for medication
(* specific in-store recommendation)
(** extractions (removal of unhealthy teeth)  if required cost extra / may require 2nd booking)
Unfortunately tartar can hide problems  not visible to the eye on exam underneath or below the gum line.  After a full dental score charting we will update owners during the procedure of any specific findings that require further attention.   Book a courtesy dental exam if your pet has bad breath, difficulty chewing, or changes in behaviour like not playing with toys.
Call today 519-624-9760
Please be sure to tell us who your medical provider is.  

Some pet insurance plans cover dental work.


PET GROOMING - Pamper Your Pet !
Posted on Jun 5, 2019

Pet Grooming Available
ALEXIS    &      PAM

Pam is a pet groomer with over 20 years experience.  She is patient, kind and takes pride in pampering your pet.  She grooms both dogs and cats.   

Alexis is an RVT and pet groomer.  She’s been working with animals for more than 6 years and has been grooming for over 4 years !  She works hard to make sure your pet looks their best.


- Breed clips, regular clips

- Medicated bathing

-Nail trimming or nail grinding

- Cat clips / Lion cuts

Please call or text 226-499-1140 if you would
like to book an appointment!


Tick Season Is Here
Posted on Jun 5, 2019

Tick Season Is Here

With temperatures so up and down these days, ticks can be found year round.  Give us a call to discuss the risk factor for Ticks in Ontario.   As daily temperatures reach 4 degrees Celsius ( and possibly at any above zero degrees) ticks become active and therefore it is time to start your pets tick prevention.  Many prevention products will also prevent fleas at the same time, another pesky parasite. 

Let us recommend the right product to protect

 Lyme disease is a growing concern for pets and people. 

Numbers of reported Lyme positive dogs is just an indication of the issue at hand.  What we need to consider is that true numbers are likely higher because not all dogs will be tested.  In the photo below Idexx has indicated that in 2017 there were 1261 Lyme positive dogs, and in the past 5 years a total of 6215 in Ontario..... keep in mind this is only one the actual count is sure to be higher.   So far there have been 148 cases reported in 2018 !

Why is testing your dog for Lyme disease important?

"There’s some info that suggests canine exposure to Borrelia (the bacterium that is transmitted by deer ticks causing Lyme disease)  can also be an indicator of the risk of human exposure, which makes sense since dogs and people are exposed the same way (i.e. being bitten by an infected deer tick ( Ixodes scapulars) tick)." 

-  from the worms and germs blog

Tracking the incidence of Lyme disease in dogs brings awareness as to where on the map it can be found and indicates that we as humans must also take precautions not to contract it through tick bites.  Some areas on the map may have a higher endemic incidence than others,  but even one Lyme positive Deer tick  in our area indicates we should be doing all we can to protect our pets and our family.


Get Started Today !

As part of your dogs parasite screening this spring; a simple blood test can screen for Tick borne diseases like Lyme,  as well as Heartworm at the same time. Results can be reported in as little as 24-48 hours.


Call us to book your dogs appointment now. 519-624-9760

** As always Heartworm prevention should be started by June 1st !

*** Keep in mind that cats who live with dogs should also have prevention medication on board.







Vaccinate & Help A Good Cause
Posted on Apr 19, 2018

 By Vaccinating Your Pet With Us
You Are Helping To Prevent The Spread Of
Rabies In The Serengeti

Did you know that when your dog is vaccinated at Animal Hospital of Cambridge  with our Nobivac canine vaccines you are not only keeping your favourite companion healthy & protected, ..... but you are helping out a great cause ( AFYA PROJECT) too !!! 


Together we can help reduce Rabies in the Serengeti. 



Our sincere thanks to all of you who
help us with this good will mission.


Ticks Are Active at 4 Degrees Celsius
Posted on Apr 13, 2018

If your dog is active in the spring, summer fall and winter and you like to enjoy off leash walks in the woods, grassy areas and parks, make sure to use flea and tick prevention.   As a minimum use protection for at least 9 months, or year round if you are active in winter.   Ticks will hide under a protective layer of fallen leaves under the snow and will come out looking for a meal on warmer days when the snow melts.  In spring or as soon as temperatures reach 4 degrees celsius, ticks become active looking for food  =  your pet..... and in some instances ... you.    Protecting your pet from ticks helps prevent the spread of Lyme disease. After every outdoor activity make sure to have a look/feel of your self and over your pet to check for ticks.  Remove them promptly.  If you require help removing a tick from your pet we can help.  If you need more parasite prevention just give us a call !
Book a courtesy dental exam for a no obligation quote on dental care. Let us help your pet smile again! Call us at 519-624-9760