Spring has sprung! It's time to book your dog for their annual heartworm and tick-borne disease test. Add-on discounted wellness panels are available.
Heartworm prevention should start June 1st. SAVE now until July 31st. Some prevention product REBATES are available - contact us for more details!


Pet Education

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth includes any use of technology to remotely receive healthcare information or services for your pet. It might involve texts, emails, video chats, mobile apps, or even wearable devices.

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Choose the Right Treats and Chew Toys

Not all pet dental products are created equal, and some can even damage your pet’s teeth or worse. Here are some common products and the possible problems they can cause.

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Traveling Abroad with Pets

Are You Traveling Abroad with Your Pet? You may require a certificate!

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Disaster Preparedness

We often hear about natural disasters on the news: tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, fires, and snowstorms. Maybe you have personally experienced or know someone who has experienced such an event before. Natural disasters cause severe damage and can happen anywhere throughout the world, leaving an impact on animals and their human companions.

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