We have just made it easier and more fun to keep your Dog or Cat protected against fleas & ticks with
Bravecto ( for dogs/cats) or Vitrecto ( for Cats)
What is Included?
*   1 dose of Bravecto Chewable or Topical - Dogs & Cats (flea/tick) 
or 1 dose of Vitrecto Topical - Cats only (flea/tick/intestinal dewormer)
*  1 Fun Toy
* 1 Yummy Treat to spoil your pet

If you are a client at the Animal Hospital of Cambridge you can sign up at for a subscription based services that will deliver your pets medication in a fun box which will also include a toy and a treat !  Never forget to give your pet a dose again because this service will deliver your pets medication every 3 months when the next dose is due.
Not already a client?  No problem.   Visit our telemedicine site to establish a client file with us at no additional cost, then you can sign up!  Have questions about fleas & ticks ? We can tell you how to protect your pets and home from these pesky parasites.
Fleas can be an issue year round !  Your pet can pick them up from other pets,  a shared hallway in an apartment building, fleas or flea eggs tracked in on your shoes or clothing from someones home that has fleas... why take the risk of having an infestation start in your home ?     Ticks bloom and are most actively questing in the spring and fall - however, even in winter when temperatures reach 4 degrees Celsius or above , ticks can become active and look to feed on your pet.    
Never forget a dose and treat your pet to a delivered surprise toy and treat in each box.   Visit